Supermarket Billa

Phone No: 466 414 062



Supermarkets of Billa offer their customers a wide range of food, chemist´s products, and try to meet all customer needs.  Customers will be impressed by modern layout with a large fresh food section where we put emphasis on quality, hygiene, and cleanness. The fruit and vegetables section is stocked with fresh food many times a day to keep the food fresh and in good quality. We have also introduced bio-products in this section recently. Meat which is checked at the incoming veterinary inspection, is further profecionally-processed and wrapped into foils by our well-trained staff, the meat is stored in the refrigerated show cases. You can find a wide range of salamis, cheeses, and salads in the delicatessen section. We also bake and stock the shelves with bakery products continuously right in front of the customers in the supermarket. This is how Billa tries to maximize the freshness and quality of its product range.

Brands represented: Clever, Chef Menu

Sortiment: We offer fresh fruit and vegetables, wide choice of delicatessen, meat of high-quality, freshly-baked bakery products

Umístění: Basement, shop No. 1

Umístění obchodu v OC Grand
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