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CBRE s.r.o. (in the past EMCM) is one of the leading companies in the property management area, especially with the focus, knowledge, and experience in shopping centre management. 

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CBRE s.r.o. offers professional management with long-standing experience with a wide commercial and economical view, knowledge of the market and the rent, marketing visions and daily property operation.

What we believe in

In the company of CBRE s.r.o. we believe that perfect services are built on great people. And it´s them who are the most important and highly-valued people we have, and our results are based on their knowledge and abilities. Only an excellent team can provide highly-professinal services in every respect and in any property management segment. Our philosophy is to build on strong local roots and to maintain high international standards of our work at the same time.
The company of CBRE s.r.o. has permanently been working on improving know-how and expert knowledge of its employees to be able to provide extraordinary business, economical, marketing, operational, management, and technical services to its clients.

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History of the Shopping Centre of Grand Pardubice

A formerly District House of T.G.Masaryk was built in a place of an inn called Hotel Kotel during 1927 – 1930. The original investor of the District House building in Pardubice was District Administration Commission which should have been located in the premises. Because of the reorganization of state administration, the District Office of Pardubice became the investor, which means the state. The change of the architect of the unfinished building happened at that time as well. It was Josef Gočár, one of our most important architects, who became the architect of the building.   

In 1931 a technical report was published in a monthly magazine – the Builder No. 12, together with ground plans, sections, and photos of GRAND.  In general, the premises were evaluated positively, and the District Office, a cafeteria, a restaurant, a billiards club, a ballroom, clubrooms, a wine bar and the cinema of SPORT (later SVĚT) in the basement, and of course the hotel of GRAND with 57 hotel rooms were located there.

But the problems accompanied the building operation from the very beginning. Although the company of Hořeňovský finished GRAND in autumn 1930, the District Office was not able to find lessees in October 1930, and therefore new tenders had to be invited. 

The first lessee was Mr Jaroslav Šindelář; so everything was ready for the opening of the statewide Physical Education and Sports Exhibition on 31 May 1931, for which GRAND was the main accommodation, catering, and social place. The first guest who slept in the hotel from 30- 31May 1931 was the President T.G. Masaryk.  

The palace of Grand became the central point of cultural life in Pardubice; social events such as balls, boxing tournaments, etc. were held there.

After the reconstruction in 1997, a sales gallery was open in the palace of Grand.                                You can find more than 30 retailers, a supermarket Billa, and multiplex Cinestar in the total area of 7000m².

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