RB - bižuterie

Phone No: 222 722 421

Mobil: 607 253 886

Email: rbbizuterie@rbbizuterie.cz

Web: www.rbbizuterie.cz

Do you like being different and need something special? Then we are here just for you. RB Bižuterie (RB Fashion Jewellery) offers a wide choice of fashion jewellery, and accessories. There are no limits in our product range!

Charming harmony of different elements and colours is the right challenge for emphasizing your feminity and voluptuousness. Use this unique opportunity and make yourselves and your beloved happy. Desire to look beautiful is as old as the mankind itself.

- Crystal jewellery Swarovski
- Surgical steel jewellery
- Glass fashion jewellery of Jablonec
- Fashion jewellery of foreign origin
- Hair accessories
- Children´s collection
- Fashion accessories – sun glasses, scarves, belts, handbags,…

Brands represented: Swarovski, Jablonecká bižuterie, RB-BIŽU

Sortiment: Earrings, necklaces, strings of beads, rings, bracelets, hair accessories, headscarves, scarves, headdresses, piercings of surgical steel

Umístění: Ground floor, shop No. 14

Umístění obchodu v OC Grand

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