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A discount chain of shops dealing with womens, childrens, and menswear, nylons and stockings, accessories, and non-food goods. KiK offers good quality for a low price. It is clever to shop for clothes in KiK! Visit us in our branch in Pardubice!

KiK has something suitable for anybody!
Kik offers good quality for best prices for all the goods: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear or baby clothes, nylons and stockings, accessories, and non-food goods. The KiK customers are amazed at how the outfit fits them optimally, how comfortable it is for wearing, and how competitive the prices are.


In our wide range of womenswear, there can always be found the right “outfit” – ellegant or sports - for any type of our customers – young or middle-aged. KiK offers a wide range of goods for women who keep up with fashion trends.  KiK pleases varied women´s world with decent colours and patterns, or striking styles and designs. Our motto is: “Take pleasure in fashion instead of size worries!” You can not find “too tight clothes” by us. We also have the right clothes for stout women.


Men´s fashion of KiK is sports, casual, and simple. Our clients can find a variety of seasonal, trendy, and comfortable clothes suitable for any occasion, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, shirts, jeans, or sports trousers in soft colours, or with modern prints. Bigger sizes are also available for stout men.


KiK offers a wide choice of affordable and colourful childrenswear for babies to teenagers. Their parents appreciate the clothes of good quality. Teenagers can find great trendy fashion there which highlights their individual style and personality. Practical, long-life and comfortable clothing with cute details is designed to meet the needs of active children. Appreciable quality and safety are essential, especially for baby clothes, thanks to soft materials which are tested against harmful substances.


KiK offers a wide range of day and night underwear of good quality, as well as seamless products for children, women, and men. All underwear is of high-quality, pleasant to touch, without allergens and harmful substances. Children love soft, silky and colourful clothes with their favourite characters and patterns. On the contrary, women and men prefer sexy but comfortable underwear and lingery. KiK guarantees a wide choice of underwear for the most favourable price!

Tights and Stockings

KiK has socks for big or small feet, KiK has socks for anyone! Delicate stockings for women, sport socks for men, or tights for children and babies when playing. Stockings can never be colourful enough for a child whereas adults prefer quality and practical products. The quality is the key factor for good health and feeling of our feet.

Non-Food Goods

Toys, housewares, decorations, and stationery make up small part of a wide range of non-food products. Not only the children´s hearts start beating quicker when seeing the products of KiK. Some perfume for an attractive lady, tools for a skilled man, or a ball for active children; KiK offers pleasant shopping for the whole family. The KiK soft goods help make your individual home of high-quality for the most favourable price! Household accessories and decorations bring comfort to every home. Terry and bed clothes tempt to relax.

Sortiment: Womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, soft goods, consumer goods, home decorations, bed clothes, discount

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