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Fitness & Vitamin´s shops offer everything for your good health and physical condition. You can get membership in the Fitness & Vitamin´s Club for free and buy our goods in high-street shops for similar favourable prices as on the Internet. The product range includes a complete range of sportsmen food supplements, joint nutrition preparations, vitamins and minerals, natural products, products for easier and healthier slimming. There is a complete pulsemeters range of the brand of Polar on offer.  

Brands represented: Aminostar, Nutrend, Vitalmax, Promil, Penco, Polar, Enervit, Isostar, Proenzi, Barnys, BSN, Natures Bounty, Walmark, JML, Scitec, Survival, Biocen Lab., Delpharmea, Isostar, Revital, Mega Pro, Sci-Fit

Sortiment: Vitamin preparations, joint nutrition, natural substances, stimulating preparations, slimming products, shakes for weight reducing diet, ion drinks, carbohydrate and energizing shakes, creatin, protein preparations, aminoacid and preparations for faster recovery, pulsemeters

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